Introducing India’s first and only Pre-dining Wet wipes. Nanai Wipes makes the dining experience more pleasant and fulfilling.  We all love to eat food with our hands and we would always want to wash hands before food.  But in some places as shown below it may not be possible to wash hands. We provide Nanai Wipes instead which will help you to place your clean hands in food.


Pre-dining wet wipes in restaurants

Pre-dining wet wipes in trains during travel

Pre-dining wet wipes in theatres

Pre-dining wet wipes in schools before lunch

Pre-dining wet wipes in food courts

Pre-dining wet wipes in food streets

Pre-dining wet wipes in banquet party halls

Pre-dining wet wipes in pizza parties

Pre-dining wet wipes in potlucks

Pre-dining wet wipes in outdoor BBQ parties

Pre-dining wet wipes in birthday parties

Pre-dining wet wipes


NANAI Wipes is India’s first and only Sterile Pre-Dining Wet Wipes, used to clean/wet hands before food. Whenever you’re worried about your hand hygiene before food, Nanai wipes provides you the comfort of cleaning your hands without relying on washrooms. It is made available as a box containing 24 sleek sachets of individually wrapped, sterilized wipes that can easily fit in your pocket, wallet, or bag making it convenient to carry.

We all would like to wash our hands before food. But how often do we find the place and time to do so?  During this pandemic we are habituated to use hand sanitizers more often. The strong fragrance of the contents in it makes us a little averse to put our hands in the food after using them . So,  NANAI Wipes which is Chemical free, Odourless  and each wipe impregnated with Purified water will be the ideal choice to clean/wet your hands before food.

Nanai wipes is your ideal pre-dining wet wipe.

  • You can use Nanai Wipes in restaurants to clean your hands at your own table.
  • During travel especially in trains, senior citizens will find Nanai Wipes very useful both before and after a meal.
  • In movie theatres to remove the annoying popcorn masala stains from your hands.
  • In Schools for the children to clean/wet hands before lunch or snacks.
  • In functions like weddings where the wash area of the dining hall for a big crowd is too small, and for senior citizens who find it difficult to walk all the way to wash hands.
  • Before grabbing a road side snack.
  • In Food Courts and Buffets.
  • In Birthday parties for the kids to clean hands.
  • In Outdoor BBQ Parties, Pizza Parties with friends, Potlucks and what not?

Nanai wipes are made of Ultrasoft Spunlace Non-woven Fabric. Unlike Tissues Nanai Wipes does not tear while wiping wet hands. The Size of Nanai wipe is 20X20 cms which is suitable for cleaning your hands. Each Sachet contains the wipe impregnated with Purified Water which is further GAMMA Sterilized for your safety.

Nanai Wipes are hermetically sealed ensuring perfect moisture retention anytime you open the sachet.

NANAI Wipes is available as a box of 24s for personal use and as pack of 500 wipes for events and functions.

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  • Nanai Wipes is India’s first and only Pre-Dining Wet Wipes that helps you to maintain your hand hygiene before food.
  • From grabbing a road side snack to having food in a restaurant, Nanai Wipes will be the one you need to wet/clean our hands before food.
  • During this pandemic we use sanitizers more often. But the strong fragrance of the contents in the sanitizers makes us a little averse to put our hands in the food after using them . So,  NANAI Wipes, GAMMA sterilized pure water wipes will be the ideal choice to wet your hands before food.


Nanai Wipes in back packs and pockets
Nanai Wipes in lunch bags, handbags and clutches
Nanai Wipes in gym bags and cars


1. For Personal Use

Nanai Wipes is available as a box of 24 wipes in our Store as well as in Amazon. It can be used to clean/wet hands before food while travelling, in schools, in restaurants and food courts, to remove popcorn masala stains in movie theatres, while having a quick roadside snack and what not?

The Size of each sachet is pocket friendly and is easy to carry. Thus can be taken everywhere in pant pockets, bags, cars, handbags, purses etc.


You can also purchase Nanai Wipes Box of 24s on Amazon


2. For Events and Parties

If you are hosting events like marriage functions, birthday parties, family get togethers, friends reunions, breakfast fundraisers, etc. You can purchase Nanai Wipes in Bulk quantities to provide your guests the comfort of cleaning hands before food without relying on washrooms.


3. For Pandemic Weddings and other Small Events

During these Pandemic times Nanai Wipes Guests Pack helps to enhance the safety of your wedding guests and offer them a pleasant and a safe experience. Nanai Wipes Guests Pack has 5 boxes of 24 wipes each thus offering 120 Wipes.