Linowipes and Hygiene Products is a wet wipes manufacturing/marketing company. We have our own brand of Chemical-free, Odorless, Sterile, Purified Water Wet Wipes called ‘Nanai Wipes’. It’s a multipurpose wipe ideal to clean/wet hands before food. Apart from our brand of wet wipes we also manufacture private label wet wipes for other brands at a very less MOQ without compromising on the cost or the quality.


The machinery is a fully automated and robotic controlled, thus each and every single sachet of wet wipe produced is of the best quality in terms of sachet’s sealing integrity and the liquid content inside each wipe. We use stainless steel containers to store our liquid content needed for the wipe, thus maintaining the quality of the liquid without exposing it to the open air.

We have our manufacturing facility set up in a clean room atmosphere with five sided PUF insulated wall panel and Epoxy flooring thus preventing the Non-woven roll from getting exposed to outer atmosphere and ensuring a hygienic process of manufacturing wet wipes.

Be it our own brand of Purified Water Wet Wipes or the wipes we manufacture for other brands, we mandatorily Gamma Sterilize them, thus providing utmost safety to the end user of our wipe. The Alcohol Wipes we manufacture is not sterilized as they are surface cleaning wipes.